Monthly Archives: September 2015

This week

In sounds write we will be continuing with two letters one sound. This will include words like kiss, full, huff and buzz.

In maths we will be counting in 10s, 5s and 2s. We will also be adding and subtracting within 20.

In English we will be starting stories with familiar settings looking at ‘The stick man’ by Julia Donaldson. There will be a focus on spelling.

In theme we will start to explore different materials.

Next week

Next week we will be going on an walk and talking about any seasonal changes we can find. We will continue exploring weather and will create a weather forecast.

In English we are going to be writing labels and lists.

In Maths we are going to continue with place value and counting in 5s.

Next week

Next week as part of our topic we will be looking at the four seasons, going on a local walk and talking about different types of weather. Over the weekend you could talk about the weather with your child. It would be great to see photographs of children playing in different weather.

In Maths we will be counting to 50,  counting to 100 in tens and will begin to look at the place value of 2 digit numbers.

In English we will be writing labels for our ‘not a stick’ using adjectives.

In sounds-write we will be recapping 2 letters one sound. They are listed below with examples.

<sh> shed, flush

<ch> chin, munch

<th> thin, tenth

<th> that

<ck> back

<wh> when

<qu> quit