Monthly Archives: October 2015

 Next week

We will go on an Autumn walk and look for the changes since our last one. In music we will be finding the beat in music and playing percussion instruments. We will also be making rainbow collages.

We will be continuing with addition and subtraction as well as the /ae/ sound.

Next week

In maths we will be looking at money and the value of coins.

In English we will be reading and writing instructions using imperative verbs.

In sounds write we will be continuing with the different spellings of the /ae/ sound.

Such as the <ay> spelling in play, the <ea> spelling in steak, the <ai> spelling in rain and the split spelling <a-e> in gate.

In topic we will be looking at the different materials objects are made from and exploring how sounds can be made and changed. We will also be looking at natural and man made materials.

In RE we will be looking at Creation. Can the children please bring in something either they have made or that shows Gods creation. For example this could be a clay model, some seashells or simpy a photograph. Thank you so much for your help.

Next week

In topic we will be exploring how some materials can be changed by bending, squashing and stretching. We will also be conducting an experiment on what materials are waterproof and we will be designing a superhero costume for aquaman.

In English we will be continuing our Stickman story. We have had some fantastic openers already. There will be a focus on our handwriting and presentation.

In Maths we will be starting to explore fractions.

Don’t forget we have our harvest assembly on Wednesday 2pm at St Thomas’ church. The children are so excited about this.

French and PSHCE

This afternoon we had French. We are learning a lot about colours.

In PSHCE we were talking about feelings and how different situations make us feel. We were given an emotion and had to work together to draw a scenario and feedback to the rest of the class. This required lots of negotiation between us, as we both had to draw part of the picture.

One situation was a girl who was angry with her friend because she wanted to play with a doll and her friend wouldn’t let her.

   This led us into a discussion over who was in the right. We thought about ‘What would Jesus do?’ and this is one of our excellent responses.

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