Monthly Archives: November 2015

Dogs trust

The dogs trust came to speak to us today about being safe around dogs. We spoke about when it was safe to stroke a dog and the important rules.

Always ask the owner.

Allow the dog to sniff you.

Ask the owner where the dog likes to be stroked.

We also role played how to behave around a dog if we are frightened and/ or we don’t want to play with them. These positions were called X factor and hedgehog.


Next week

In English we will be looking at narrative.

In maths we will be returning to addition and subtraction. If your children can know their number bonds to 10 and 20 it will really help them.

In topic we will be finishing guy Fawkes and starting other celebrations.

Any photographs you can send in of birthdays, Christmas, bonfire night and any other celebrations will be very helpful.


we have been talking about our feelings and what makes us happy. We role played happy moments.

Watching our favourite football team win a match.
Opening birthday presents.
Waking up on Christmas morning.
Playing hide and seek in the park.

Sharing jokes with friends.

Receiving an award in assembly.


Scoring the winning goal.


Eating ice cream at the beach. 


In their new RE topic, the children are finding out that Jesus was God’s gift to the world. Today they made a gift to take home. They are looking forward to giving it and are hoping that you like it.


Number bonds and exploding experiments

This week we will be looking at number bonds to 10 and 20. Children are being encouraged to learn their number bonds so they can recognise them straight away. The boys went on a number bond hunt through the library and the continuous provision.

 We are going to be learning about Guy Fawkes. To start our literacy with a bang we conducted an experiment using different bottles of pop  and mints. The children loved watching the reaction and will be writing about it this week.