Monthly Archives: April 2016

Next week

Next week we will be writing our own version of Handas surprise set in Golborne. Talk about the fruits and animals that we have in the UK.

We will be starting our plants topic  looking at plants that grow in our local area and planting a bean.

In Maths we will be looking at subtraction and missing number problems. 

Next week

In maths we will be looking at fractions and how to find half and quarter of a group of a shape, amount and objects.

In English we will be rewriting ‘Handas Surprise’. Our spelling focus is on spelling common exception words.

In topic we will be starting our new topic on plants. We are going to look at what different parts of the plant vegetables come from and where plants and vegetables are grown around the world. Spend some time looking at the fruit and vegetables in your house and finding out where they were grown. 


We have been developing our jumping, rolling and travelling skills in PE. Today we recapped the cattipillar crawl, bunny jump, frog jump and pencil roll. We also practiced the bear walk, the crab walk, star shapes and star jumps. We all worked really hard and were very tired by the end.


Next week

In maths we will be looking at halves and quarters. 

In English we will be finishing our information texts and starting our narrative genre. Our focus is on handwriting and spelling. Children need to be forming letters correctly and spelling common exception words. An explanation of common exception words can be found here.
In topic we will be completing our geography topic by discussing and exploring foods from other countries.