Monthly Archives: July 2016

Some useful websites

I have had a few requests for some useful websites. Has interactive resources, especially useful if children will be resitting their phonics screening. Has online maths games. Another useful website for interactive resources.

Thank you so much for all the gifts and cards. Enjoy the holidays have fun exploring, playing and resting. I look forward to seeing you all again in Year 2! 

Transition day

On Tuesday children worked in Year 2. Our topic after the holidays is ‘What would Dora find exciting about Golborne?’. We will be finding out more interesting facts about Golborne and some if it’s history. We will also be comparing Golborne to another location.

We started our topic by looking at Lowry landscapes and colour mixing to paint our own.


STEM week

We have started our STEM week by looking at the human body. We labeled our body parts and made up a song about what they do. Then we performed a test to see if sweets would taste the same if we couldn’t see them. 
In the afternoon we took part in a ‘Marble Run’ challenge. We had to make a structure for our marble to travel down and the one that took the longest time was the winner.